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- You'll get day one access to all the future premium content for StarForge. Both during its development and after.
- When the game is done we plan to have over 50 different Heroes released in 3 different races, plus tons of Skins, Blueprints, Devices, Mutations, and cool Sandbox Items and packs. Potentially over $400 worth of content.
- We hope to develop the game over the next 2-3 years and support it many years after. So you have only seen the surface of the game. By purchasing Hatch Points you will help us make StarForge one of the best games ever! Enable us to hire outside help, and help keep us working full-time. It is because of your support that we can work on this full time and realize our dreams. :)
- We aim to release a Hero once every 1-2 months during the Alpha stages. And then once every months in Beta. Eventually once every 2-3 weeks by the time the final game hits.
- We plan to release new Skins, Blueprints, Devices, Mutations, and Packs at more regular intervals.
- The first paid content will be releasing once we get the main menu in, most likely by the end of July.

Isn't StarForge F2P? What Is Paid Content?

- StarForge is Free To Play. But not Pay2Win.
- You will be able to earn Forge Points(FP) by playing the multiplayer modes when they are released. These are similar to Hatch Points(HP) and will let you purchase anything in the store with them.
- Players can expect a few heroes to always be free and you can play them as much as you want with no limit. Down the line when we get more heroes the free ones will be in a regular rotation.
- All the modes in the game, both Single Player and Multiplayer are free.
- We are not designing our game to be pay to win, infact, our entire design revolves around the game first. We are gamers and are making this game for people like us who hate the idea of someone just paying to get an upper hand instantly. We went Free2Play alongside the option to not only get Unlimited Hatch Points but also be able to earn Forge Points in game to give everyone the choice to support us however they like.
- Every Hero is tested and balanced with the other Heroes to ensure that there will be no advantage to buying different Heroes. Just a different way to play the game.
- Skins are purely cosmetic.
- Blueprints can either be cosmetic or funcational. However, by purchasing a Blueprint you do not get the item instantly, you still have to craft it in game by getting the required reasources to build it.
- Each Hero starts with 6 base Devices, and 6 Base Mutations. These affect your starting stats in the game. The ones you will be able to purchase will not give you an advantage but just the ability to replace the basic ones with more customization choices.
- Sandbox Items and Packs are purely cosmetic.
- You will be able to share your paid and then crafted weapons and items with friends. But when a weapon runs out of ammunition, you will need the required Blueprint to craft more or get your friend who orginally purchased the Blueprint to craft you more.
- Free Blueprints will appear in loot chests. However, sometimes you may get lucky and find a paid Blueprint in a loot chest too.
- Paid and Free crafted weapons(not the Blueprint for it) will also appear in some loot chests with an initial full ammunition clip. This way you can test it out.
- You will be able to loot Paid and Free crafted weapons off of your enemies. However, Blueprints both paid and free cannot be looted off any bodies.
- Minerals a.k.a resources will never be up for sale in the store and will always have to be earned. You will need these to craft everything!