IDIS Login


CPD Grants Portal Login lets you access the government information system portal. You can sign in via a web-enabled device. All you need is an active account login credentials and you are ready to go. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development manages the account management portal.

If you are authorized to sign in you can easily gain control over the CPD Grants account. We have provided an explanation of the login and account management guidance.

How to Login IDIS Account

Step 1– In order to sign in you need to go to the website of the CPD ( Once the webpage opens there is the CPD Grants Portal Login section.
How to Log into IDIS

Step 2– Enter the username and password in the white boxes and click on the Login button. The user will be required to read the information system and provide consent by checking the blank box below.

Once your identity is validated you will be enabled to access the account services.

Forgot Username or Password

If you have lost your account sign-in particulars then you need to visit the sign in page and there you will find the ‘sign in’ guideline. You can simply call at 1-888-297-8689 for login assistance.